bluecue Flexible Workplaces

bluecue Flexible Workplaces make everything possible – no matter the place, no matter the time. Be right there at the heart of your operations 24/7: enterprise mobility, application delivery, and desktop virtualisation. and enterprise mobility. Endless digital mobility.

Working environments – redefined by bluecue.

Exceeding your Expectations.

Apart from a reliable server technology, dynamic data centers have to incorporate complex and commercially predictable services, which directly boost your corporate revenue. Planning the ideal hardware platform, ensuring complete virtualization and automation, providing an efficient system management of application servers including the corresponding operational concepts: With bluecue Flexible Workplaces you can always rely on sustainable and integrated infrastructure concepts for your data center and cloud architecture.

And our cooperation with leading providers like Citrix, IBM, Microsoft and VMware gives your business that extra agility, dynamics and Efficiency.

“Looking at the cooperation with bluecue I firstly appreciate that I have one contact person within the company who passes our requests unerringly to the right divisions. Secondly I appreciate bluecue’s adherence to schedules. Whenever we agree on timings they are met flawlessly. I believe that will continue in the future.”

Falk Engelbrecht, responsible for system technology client/server, Viessmann Group,

"In the future, we will be able to support more users with fewer servers. Of course, less hardware also means lower energy consumption and lower administrative expenses."

Ümit Varol, IT Director, German Youth Hostel Association,